Blue Black Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Management suggestions of luxury private yachts will guarantee you the ultimate class, flexibility, exclusivity and privacy during your holidays in Greece. We can make your holiday an ultimate luxury travel experience around Greece and the magnificent Greek islands.

To compliment the finest destinations of Greece, our portfolio includes the finest collection of sailing boats, motor boats, catamarans, yachts and super yachts to suit every special occasion and travel preference.

In Greece the succession of unique nature images is pure reality beyond imagination. Greece is the ideal place for yachting; even the smallest islands are secret paradise gems, while culture, history and architecture in combination with people, give a genuine luxury travel experience. Nature’s colors and the clearness of the blue sea provide majestic moments to every explorer.

Whether you want an exciting day with a yacht on the water, an organized personal yacht trip, a week or two at the sea or just a gentle hop between various Greek islands, we have experienced Captains with local knowledge, exceptional on board, private catering and access to some of Greece’s top private yachts owners collections.

   Yacht Services available upon request:
✓ Concierge level support for all our customers
✓ Relaxing & Fun: Swimming, snorkeling, water sports, cocktail lounging, beach
✓ BBQ, leisurely discovery walks, board games
✓ Active: Volcano trekking, hiking, trails, scuba diving
✓ Wellness & Fitness: Yoga, pilates, meditation sessions with wellness coach
✓ Spa treatments, aquarobics, gym
✓ Experiential: Cooking class with lunch at local home, wine tasting tour
✓ Cultural: Ancient ruins, churches and monasteries, excavation sites, museums
✓ Educational: Photography walk, “Make a Greek jewel” workshop
✓ Nature: Pristine beaches, world famous Santorini sunset, volcanic islands, sea caves

Confide in Blue Black Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Management, your personal travel preferences and we promise to take care of the rest.

Let us take care of your luxury travel and lifestyle management, while you are relaxing or taking care of your business!