Private Tours

For Blue Black Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Management, ensuring superior personalized services in every aspect of your journey is priority.

We will design your private tour especially for you and your preferences, while your personal guide will lead you through an entertaining and informative journey on the history, culture and secrets of Athens or other Greek sites.

Exploring a country’s ancient roots is the unique cultural highlight of any trip. Greece, being one of the top cosmopolitan, cultural and historical destinations of the Mediterranean, has spectacular hidden gems to explore in every one of its geographical regions. 

The mainland, the Peloponnese peninsula and the approximately 6.000 amazing Greek islands, all have their own beauties, identity and long story to tell. From Athens, to Nafplion, Delfi, Mystras, Monemvasia, Nemea, Mycenes, Epidaurus, Knossos and from Myconos to Santorini, wherever you want to go, we will set your travel experience apart like no other!

Enjoy beautiful Greece and its rich history, by taking a Private Tour to the most breathtaking sights of Greece with the guidance of Blue Black Luxury Travel and Lifestyle Management.

Let us take care of your luxury travel and lifestyle management, while you are relaxing or taking care of your business!