Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece, nestled in Northern Greece and specifically in Macedonia, in the heart of the Thermaic Gulf. The city is a significant commercial, business, and transportation hub and one the most vibrant cities of Greece. Beautiful and proud, it is the absolute symbol of hospitality, luxury and wellbeing with the requirements of travelers seeking for compelling experiences.

The city’s marina completes the idyllic scenery of one of the world’s most romantic cities. Stroll along the majestic beach promenade to the city’s landmark, the White Tower, Aristotle Square in the city center and walk to the city’s highest peak to soak up the panoramic view of the city and the Aegean sea below. Thessaloniki features all urban activities and its exceptional lifestyle unconditionally guarantees a memorable experience.

A stroll through Thessaloniki’s streets, is like a tour through a museum! Its museums, the Museum of Byzantine Culture, the Archaeological Museum, the Folk and Ethnographic Museum and the State Museum of Contemporary Art will take you on a journey into the past. In the cosmopolitan city center of Thessaloniki, explore the various of shops, restaurants, coffee places and the renowned pastry shops.

Authentic Thessaloniki’s Gastronomy
Thessaloniki’s cuisine is one of the richest in Greece and it is widely known for its quality and variety. Traditional recipes and modern trends have created a wide range of choices. The city’s tavernas and restaurants offer a delicious blend of recipes from the diverse cultures, paired with local exceptional wines, which guarantee an exceptional gastronomic experience. The historical quarter of Ladadika hosting some of the most compelling bars, rooftop restaurants and clubs, promises a vibrant nightlife.

Authentic Experiences in Thessaloniki
• Take an evening beach walk in Thessaloniki along the White tower
• Book a daily yacht cruise around Thessaloniki and Mount Athos
• Visit the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
• Walk at the Castle of a fortress from the Byzantine-Ottoman era
• Visit the Museum of Byzantine Culture and Balkan Wars Museum
• Visit the Churches of Agia Sofia & Saint Gregorios Palamas
• Visit the concert Hall and book a ticket for a concert
• Discover the awarded wines of the region
• Leave Thessaloniki for a day and discover ancient Dion and Mt. Olympus
• Take a daily tour to Meteora, the Unesco World Heritage Site
• Book a daily trip to Vergina and Pella