Meteora is a spectacular place in Northern Greece, a nature’s masterpiece that amazes visitors from the very first look. Dotted with towering rocks, which were created about 60 million years ago, when weathering and earthquakes gave them their current shape, Meteora boasts a unique, breathtaking scenery!

On the top of the rocks sit the ancient monasteries, most of which were constructed during the Byzantine times. Meteora is included in the World Heritage List and it is one of the most sacred places of Christianity in Greece, after Mount Athos in Halkidiki. In the past there were hundreds of monasteries and churches in Meteora, while today only 6 of them operate. The Monastery of Saint Stephen is the easiest to access, while the other 5 monasteries can be accessed after a long hike up against the rock. The Monastery of Grand Meteoron is the most popular of them all, while the most difficult to access is the Monastery of Holy Trinity.

While visiting Meteora, you can enjoy nature to the fullest through climbing, hiking, rafting and many other outdoor adventures.

Authentic Experiences in Meteora
• Explore the mystical Meteora monasteries
• Visit the beautiful city of Kalampaka and the Antichassia Natural Park
• Go hiking in nature and climb the towering pinnacles
• Go mountain biking in Meteora wild forests
• Plan rafting at the close rivers of Acheloos, Aspropotamos and Aliakmonas
• Visit the traditional village of Kastraki near Kalampaka
• Buy famous wooden handicrafts from the local market
• Visit the prehistoric cave of Theopetra
• Visit Plastira Lake, about an hour drive from Meteora