Hydra & Spetses

Hydra & Spetses islands due to their proximity to Athens, are very popular Greek islands not only for domestic travelers’ short escapes but for international travelers as well. Beautiful, quiet, away from the noise of the vehicles that are limited in Spetses and completely absent in Hydra, both islands are brimming with museums and art galleries that take us on a journey into the history of Greece.

The pure beauty of both islands has cultivated a cultural tradition expressed through innumerable exhibitions and events. Cosmopolitan Hydra and Spetses islands, reflect the cultural grandeur of Athens combined with the summer serenity of the wonderful Aegean blue surroundings.

Hydra is one of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands, located in the heart of the Argosaronic Gulf. A ferry from Athens to Hydra, will get you there in just 2 hours and that makes it a perfect destination for quick getaways!

Since no cars are allowed on the island, Hydra stands out for its classy beauty and distinctive atmosphere! Everyone uses their foot, boats and donkeys to get around the island. The lavish stone mansions of the island, the cobbled streets and its discreet cosmopolitan aura, create an authentic Aegean and calm atmosphere.

Hydra, being full of picturesque alleys and landscapes of pure nature, hosts all kinds of activities, from hiking through old footpaths leading to magnificent view hilltops, to scuba diving around the underwater caves that surround the island and to romantic promenades to admire the spectacular sunsets.

Authentic Experiences in Hydra
• Take a carriage ride through the town
• Go swimming at Spilia, Ydroneta, Limnioniza & Avlaki beaches
• Discover the artistic side of the island through the art workshops
• Visit the Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
• Discover the open-air Cinema Club, hosting theme nights to major European auteurs
• Learn the island’s rich history by visiting its museums, galleries
• Book a water taxi to one of many beaches across the island
• Go hiking and discover the magnificent view hilltops
• Explore the Saronic islands with a rib boat
• Book a daily yacht cruise to explore the Saronic islands

Spetses, due to the Venetian mansions of its Town and its vintage aura, has an arguably elegant atmosphere. Visit the Museum of Bouboulina, the home of the legendary heroine of the Greek Revolution originating from Spetses, stroll around in the town of Spetses and enjoy a beach promenade from Anargyrios School to the old port, passing through the old harbor of Dapia.
A selection of yacht marinas, boutique hotels, and cozy restaurants complete the fascinating atmosphere of Spetses.

Authentic Experiences in Spetses
• Book a rib boat and explore the Saronic islands
• Visit Lazaros Koundouriotis historical mansion
• Explore the promenade in a horse-drawn carriage
• Learn the island’s history by visiting the Museum of Spetses
• Visit the Bouboulina Museum
• Visit the Cave of Bekiris